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Basically, the idea for QtInstall was a result of thinking about a solution for an easy install process for the other tools, namely Backup. Since several people asked me to give them this tool it would have been no good idea to explain every time what to do with the QT libraries and the application itself. The second problem was that even copying all these things by hand would not result in a suitable documentation. As a third, the tools on this WEB site should be published under the GPL license, so additionally a solution was needed to publish (and update) the sources on a targed pc without all the temporary generated files.


The solution is simple: packing all needed files in an archive (called package) and providing a simple user interface around it. On UNIX systems, the preferred way propably would be a tar archive but neither Windows XP nor Macintosh users are familiar with the command line and these tools. The result of these considerations is using an own file format, taking QT in a static linked library and providing a simple tool.


Here we are:

Download QtInstall V1.9 for Windows
.zip Datei [5.3 MB]
Download QtInstall V1.8 for Mac OS 10.5 or above
.zip Datei [6.5 MB]

Plese find the documentation as PDF here

View QtInstall Documentation
.pdf Datei [534.6 KB]

The sources are provided via SourceForge.

Of course, there are some things left to be done:


  • LINUX support (would be quite similar to Mac OS)
  • extended wizard for creating csv files